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From Potential To Performance,
Enabling Digital India

Armee Infotech Pvt Ltd is a leader in the System Integration & Delivery domain for more than a decade, enabling brick and mortar enterprises in their IT and Digital transformation efforts. The onward, unstoppable march of IT enabled services and digitization is seen as a creative disruption. Arguably, the catalyst of this irreversible change is digitization. Serving a large client base in both government and corporate corridors, Armee Infotech provides IT Consulting, Systems Integration, End to End Smart Audio Visual System Integration, Managed Services, BPO, IT applications and Cloud services. With its deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, Armee is focused on enterprise wide IT applications, AVSI and digitization services that powers progress and helps our clients create their firm for the future.

In an environment where enterprises are contending with huge digital disruption and IT investments, we at Armee Infotech, through our IT capabilities, are uniquely positioned to energize digital enterprises and help create an evolved IT transformation. Clients of today are constantly looking at their partners to provide cutting edge technology and delightful service, to stay ahead of their competition. We strongly believe that these demonstrated capabilities have made us their favoured partners, spanning all the critical performance measures of efficiency, quality, reliability and security. Our capabilities cover both legacy and new environments.

About us

An integral part of the Armee Group, Armee Infotech was established in 2003 as an IT Infrastructure & System Integrator with its core focus on Government, Corporate, BFSI and Education Projects in the areas of IT, AVSI and allied digitization services.

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