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Induction Quiz

Important for every new joiner to take this quiz

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1. What is the primary role of a network hub in computer networking?


2. What is the role of a CMOS jumper on a computer’s motherboard?


3. What is the purpose of a CMOS battery on a motherboard?


4. What is the purpose of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in hardware maintenance during power fluctuations?


5. What does CPU stand for in computer terminology?


6. When a computer emits a series of long beeps during startup, what might be the issue?


7. When installing a new CPU, why is it important to apply thermal paste?


8. Which computer component manages data traffic between the CPU, RAM, and storage devices?


9. What is the purpose of an operating system’s ‘Safe Mode’ in troubleshooting?


10. Which cable type is commonly used to connect a printer to a computer’s USB port?


11. If a printer produces faded or incomplete prints, which component should be checked first?


12. Which tool is used to measure the voltage output of a power supply unit (PSU)?


13. What is the primary function of a network switch in computer networking?


14. When upgrading a laptop’s storage, what type of drive is commonly used for speed and reliability?


15. In computer hardware, what is the purpose of a heat sink?


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