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At ArMee Infotech, we are committed to delivering exceptional IT infrastructure solutions that drive growth and success for our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique business requirements and tailor our offerings to suit their individual needs.

IT Infra & SI Project Management

ArMee Infotech is a specialist in System Integration services, offering end-to-end project management that starts from the conceptualization stage. Early involvement with clients enables collaboration on ideas, expertise, and implementation finesse, which is essential to project success. This approach ensures timely project completion and cost savings. With vast experience in managing large-scale projects, the company has a dedicated back office
and implementation team that contributes to every aspect of the project, from ideation to conceptualization, site preparation and planning, installation, and commissioning. ArMee Infotech emphasizes scientific project management tools and techniques to ensure accurate and timely project planning.

In addition to project planning, ArMee Infotech’s team also pays close attention to stakeholder briefing, site visits, logistics and warehousing, execution of project requirements, installations, validations, and project documentation. The company provides training and warranty support to ensure clients are fully equipped to manage their newly integrated systems. With its comprehensive approach to System Integration services, ArMee Infotech guarantees successful project outcomes for clients.

IT Facility Management Services

ArMee Infotech offers comprehensive IT Facility Management Services to help our clients manage their IT infrastructure efficiently and effectively. Our services include:

Hardware and Manpower Resource Support: We provide hardware and manpower resources to support our clients’ IT infrastructure requirements. Our services can be deployed onsite, carry-in, or in any other way as required by our clients, ensuring flexibility and customized services.

On-Site Technical Manpower: Our team of technical experts provides on-site IT infrastructure management, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and overall IT health management. We ensure that our clients’ IT infrastructure is
always up and running, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

IT Consulting Services

At ArMee Infotech, we believe that IT is a powerful tool that can help organizations achieve sustainable competitive advantages and improve their cost structures. That’s why we offer IT consulting services to help our clients align their technology strategies with their business or process strategies. Our consulting expertise covers a wide range of areas, including:
• Technology assessment and roadmap development
• IT governance and risk management
• Business process optimization
• Digital transformation
• Cloud computing and virtualization
• Data management and analytics
• Cybersecurity and compliance

IT Infra & Solutions

IT Infra:

We provide IT infrastructure services including computing, printing, power electronics, networking design and architecture, cloud solutions, Wi-Fi, and maintenance contracts for enterprise-class networks.


We offer a range of surveillance solutions, including analogue and IP cameras, video management, analytics, cabling, and pole mounting.

Surveillance (Postal Service and Revenue):

We provide mailroom solutions, such as franking machines, inserting and sorting systems, postage meters, shredders, and parcel/mail sorting.

Video Conferencing Solutions:

Our business connectivity solutions offer comprehensive video conferencing capabilities across various platforms, including desktop, room-based systems, enterprise, mobile, integrated, and cloud-based environments.

Skill Development Training

India is progressing towards becoming a global knowledge economy with support from the government. However, despite a vast number of employable youth, there is a shortage of skilled workers. The majority lack access to skill development mechanisms, and most skill acquisition occurs on the job.

The government has recognized this problem and taken action to address it by promoting skill development. Armee Infotech works with the government as a Project Implementation Agency and Training Partner to provide high-quality vocational education and skills training to underprivileged, dropouts, and unskilled youth in remote and rural areas. The aim is to make them employable through recognized certifications and meaningful employment in organized sectors.